Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 29, 10:37 AM
    Is "Common Sense" the new conservative buzzword(s)?

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  • H. Flower
    Apr 14, 02:05 PM
    I am professional editor. I get paid to edit. I just dont edit giant films. I think there is a little discrediting going on for what makes a professional editor.
    I was in a discussion a year ago about all the new features that just got released. In the days of yesteryear, editor (film wise) would cut the film, then once they had a locked picture, they would add audio, color the film, sound effects and score.
    However, a year ago during a project I found myself very angry at the way FCP was functioning given the way editors have to edit today. I have been a big FCP user for years and consider myself very experience on the software. I refer to the editing style of today, which is also being done in feature film editorial, that you are no longer just the film/video editor. YOU ARE the sound designer, the colorist, the composer, and the technician, at least at a basic level.
    I feel that 10 years ago you would show a "rough" cut that was 50% done, no audio effects, color, or score, just the cuts and clients were possible able to get it. However today I feel that a rough cut needs to look more like 95% done. Many times when I show a client a piece of footage that doesnt look like an almost finished product, they get concerned on the final piece, even when you explain that is a rough cut.
    So now that a lot of editor are having to show cuts that are almost done to get notes, the actual act of editing has become a nightmare to me. I have to move sounds, scores, titles, overlays, graphics all out of the way to make the simplest edit. Half the time, something gets moved that isnt supposed to. causing extra work. And I will be honest, sometimes, (which I know we all do....) I say good enough, because the actual act of moving a giant timeline around is just too painful.
    well not anymore (hopefully)
    I want the freedom that this FCPX with hopefully provide. It seems to be changing with how many of us are going to have to start editing.
    And of course one final thought. A good editor is a good editor, it is an art. Just because someone is an "expert" on AVID, PP, FCP doesnt mean they are an good editor. Same as someone who knows how to put paint on canvas isnt necessarily Van Gogh.
    I think this version will help us tell stories easier and more efficient. It is still up to the editor what he/she will do with the tool.

    Nicely put.

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  • lostngone
    Mar 29, 03:33 AM
    just wait at the local starbucks. All the "people" who got in to the conference will eventually end up there begging for free wifi, a venti mocha and a pastry while trying to blog that Steve Jobs actually looked their way. "It was magical.. I pee'd a little!". :rolleyes:

    Local Starbucks? Are you talking about the one on 4th and Minna Street right across the alley from West?
    Why would they beg for wifi and coffee when all of West is covered by Wifi already and has coffee and snacks?
    Also WWDC is more then just a "keynote". I would hardly call all the labs and conferences a "standard press event".

    One more thing... stop trolling.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 7, 08:28 AM
    Yet another Tuesday without an MB C2D. Good luck next Tuesday, waiters (people who wait not serve). :)

    I keep thinking of Dane Cook...dream it, you ****ing dreamers.

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  • vksong
    May 5, 06:58 AM
    It could be cool~
    But I cannot imagine now~

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  • Stella
    Mar 28, 12:06 PM
    Man, Apple keeps getting lower and lower. First Walmart, now this?

    What does it matter? The more sales the better, right?

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  • AaronMT
    Oct 11, 07:53 PM

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  • NT1440
    Apr 26, 02:06 AM
    I'll agree some of the comment's weren't in the best taste. But take a step back and look at some of the numbers they're really are some worrying disparities between black communities and other communities in the US (and apparently Britain as well).


    Almost 80% of black women give birth outside of wedlock. Which is roughly twice the average rate and 3 times the rate of white women. And a dis-proportionate number of crimes are committed by black men.

    I'm NOT trying to claim that there aren't successful well educated black people out there. Obviously there are lots of them (including our current president) but your being delusional if you cannot recognize there are some very serious problems in the black community.

    One obviously needs to consider factors like poverty, lack of education etc. And even today there are certainly lingering problematic ripples from slavery and segregation.

    But there are cultural issues which members of the black community are going to have to confront.

    --> Entertainment Role Models - There is a massive shortage of visible role models in the black community. Don't get me wrong I love rap and hip hop but it is abundantly clear that much of this music glorifies woefully poor behavior.

    --> Language (you might be able to lump this in with education) I would never hire someone who can't speak passable English but never the less this ridiculous cultural lingo persists and propagates.

    There are plenty of other problems to consider, but its seriously important that we start discussing this ****. Because the issues definitely aren't going go away if we close our ears and scream LALALALA !!

    Of course these things need to be discussed openly and dealt with. The undertones of racism and stereotyping needs to be kept out of the process, however, as to make sure any real reforms are made.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 27, 06:14 PM
    Dunno why peeps call grenade launchers and powerful combos "noob". It's a good strategy, then use it.
    No one is saying it makes you a noob. It comes from the old Halo days. The old "Noob Toob" was the Halo 2 rocket launcher, because it had lock-on for everything. Which sucked, and basically took all the skill out of using it. In Reach, the Rocket Launcher only locks onto airborne vehicles, and even then, you can evade them if you pilot them well.

    And the "Noob Combo" was referred to that not because it made you a noob, but because it was soooo easy to kill them with it. Run around with the Plasma Pistol charged up, blast someone to drop their shields, quickly switch to the BR, and boom, headshot and done. Now there are a couple ways to pull this off. Either an Overcharge shot from the Plasma Pistol, or a Delay Shot from the Grenade Launcher will EMP your target, leaving them open to a quick and easy one-shot headshot.

    But again, as I said earlier, getting your hands on a headshot-capable weapon is not that easy in Reach campaign, so you have to be very efficient with your ammo usage to keep it up.

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  • jackc
    Nov 3, 02:50 AM
    No question, Jobs gave a good answer there. But let's face it, if it was Apple that was talking about wireless and Microsoft said you should just share earbuds, you know what the reaction would be.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 2, 07:53 AM
    Why such a great camera on the iphone and such loser ones on the ipad?

    Here we go again with the pixel complaints.

    The ipad or for that matter iphone is NOT a camera.
    If you want to take pictures of professional quality, buy a stand alone camera that does that.

    Higher quality of anything initially costs more, until what was once high becomes the standard due to mass production.

    It initially costs more, because production output is less, flaws needs to be ironed out, the production process refined etc.

    How difficult is that to understand?.

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  • Bonds79
    May 5, 09:41 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Is that why AT&T sold a lot more iPhones that vz last quarter?

    Also vz just wants you to go over your cap. More money for them

    Check VZW site, VZW charges no overage charges, data is unlimited. no caps no overage charges just unlimited data. WHAT DON'T you understand.
    And the VZW throttling post on BGR.com was just a BS warning, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN THROTTLED! Go the androidforums and you will not find anyone that have ever been throttled!

    Now with att try and use alot of data then att will claim you are tethering and automatically switch you to tiered data.

    after 2GB , att charges 10 a GB. that can get expensive fast!

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 21, 01:20 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/18/ipad-2-wife-says-no-but-apple-says-yes/)


    Apple is paying close attention to all iPad 2 returns during the first few weeks to make sure there are no major production defects. This policy has indirectly led to a free iPad 2 to one customer and an amusing story that we thought was entertaining enough to share.

    The story comes by way of an individual close to Apple:[Apple's] focus this week has been to troubleshoot all the iPad 2s that customers are returning to the stores. One iPad came back with a post it note on it that said "Wife said no." It was escalated as something funny, and two of the VPs got wind of it. They sent the guy an iPad 2 with a note on it that said "Apple said yes."We're guessing a free iPad satisfied any objection the customer's wife might have had.

    Article Link: iPad 2: Wife Says No, but Apple Says Yes (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/18/ipad-2-wife-says-no-but-apple-says-yes/)

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 13, 03:41 PM
    If it's shipping in June, even June 30, how can it not be near final form? I mean when a developer tells me s/w is "nowhere near final form" I'm thinking early beta at best. But 2.5 months from release (assume June 30) shouldn't it be in the bug testing phases and everything else locked up?

    It really sounds like this may be only on the App-store. If so, knock a month off your imagined timeline since they don't have to burn disks, print those huge books, and package them all up.

    So this is more like '3.5 months out' by the old way of thinking of things.

    Also, the way I read this it seems like they're using a version from February at these demos. (Which makes sense that they wouldn't show off the absolute current version. Someone's probably been working on this presentation for awhile.) So what they showed really could be a version that has literally 4 or 5 more months of work going into it.

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  • SimonMW
    Apr 14, 08:46 AM
    All I care about right now is if this will run on a Mac pro 1,1. And if so, and it is using all cores finally, will there be a big performance increase on my system over my current FCP6.

    If the answer is yes to both I'm in. I won't be impressed however if they artificially lock out older Macs.

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  • beethovengirl
    Aug 24, 04:34 PM
    Do we have to shut down our computer before removing the battery?

    thanks! :)

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  • Konfabulation
    Oct 15, 04:38 PM
    When you look at Steve Job's odyssey from being Apple's CEO, bringing in Sculley, getting stabbed in the back and booted from his own company.

    Jobs goes off on his own, founds Next computer, develops innovative hardware, makes alliances with the likes of George Lucas, founds Pixar and comes up with hit movie after hit movie.

    Meanwhile Apple goes through the dark ages, predictions of Apple going belly up, they beg Steve Jobs to come back to the helm.

    Jobs returns to Apple, gets to work and turns the company around with some of the most inspiring products (iMac) and great market presence.

    Then his team comes up with the marvelous iPod. The Macintosh lineup is arguable the best in the PC world.

    Things would have been much less interesting if Steve didn't have to make this difficult trek. Sometimes what looks bad can be the beginning of something great if you don't give up.
    That is sooooo true. Without Jobs, apple would be in the *******.

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  • veroi9
    Nov 8, 08:22 AM
    i bought a macbook 2ghz core duo, 1gb, 80gb, superdrive at the apple store this past sunday. it looks like now i could of gotten the core 2 duo with all the other same specs for about $200 cheaper. does anyone know if apple has some sort of exchange policy for situations like this?

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  • chrisgeleven
    Jan 11, 04:50 PM
    My ultimate dream for AppleTV 2.0:

    Jul 22, 08:35 PM
    i think i would rather read a paperback

    wouldnt the screen strain the eyes?

    Mar 23, 09:58 PM
    My new iPad was at the local FedEx distribution center, 2 miles from my house, only to be returned to Apple at Apples request. I provided them with my UPS Store PMB (Private Mail Box) number because I was out of town when it arrived. Someone had to sign. I couldn't leave it on my porch. I don't know my neighbors well enough. The folks at the UPS store could sign, right? Wrong. Because UPS has the ability to ship overseas, Apple refused to deliver.

    I travel for my job. My wife does, as well. Apple's Shipping Restrictions web page states they will not ship to PO Boxes and APO's. No mention of PMB's.

    So 21 days after announcement, my iPad was 2 miles from my hands. It's gone.

    Apple said Sorry, you'll have to reorder. It's only another 5 weeks before I can get one. They would not expedite a new order. They would not hold the iPad at the FedEx distribution center. Too bad for me. I'm fuming. I'm pissed.

    I reordered from AT&T. Wait time 25 business days. I won't give Apple all the profit they would have enjoyed. I know. Big deal. I'm not a profiteer. Not trying to subvert their ordering system. Too bad. I'm screwed.

    I understand why they refused to deliver. But, no phone call, no alternative delivery option, no expedited order, no option.

    Bad customer service. I've spent $6,000 with them over the last three years. So what? Who cares.
    How bout the new Galaxy Tab 10.1? I don't own a tablet yet, and am leaning strongly in that direction. iPad had the market cornered for a while, but now there are real competitively spec'd and competitively priced Android tablets coming to market...

    Mar 11, 11:25 PM
    To all those cutting military by huge percentages, what are your plans to deal with the millions of unemployed that would produce?

    To be fair, if we would make the significant cuts to balance the budget, there would be huge amounts of layoffs regardless. So we might as well destroy the jobs that don't produce long-term benefits for the country, than cutting education jobs and funding (as an example) that would definitely hurt us in the long-term.

    Cuts aren't fun. :(

    Mar 30, 08:27 AM
    I like the hardware buttons on the classic because I can press them through my pocket when I am working. When I gave my classic to my sister and used my touch while I was working, it was a pain to have to pull it out of my pocket to change the song or play/pause. I liked the easy volume change buttons on the touch though. But still the touch buttons are too close together and half the tie I restart the song instead of pausing it.

    Apr 11, 12:42 AM

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